Jason Erie


“Hyper-sensory storytelling with raw, hard-hitting images and a white-knuckle worldview that seems best cultivated in the Garden State, Jason’s stories and his songs are ultimately and triumphantly his own. He is not afraid to expose the tragic grit or the chrome-facaded fragility of his own life or of life in general. Beneath the richness of his storytelling, it is his unabashed dedication to truth, in its many forms, that makes Jason special.”  -- Producer, John Dennis

Americana artist Jason Erie was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Music was a part of his life from the age of three, singing folk songs as his father played guitar in their basement. After his parents’ divorce, while watching his mother struggle with addiction and his father cope with depression, Jason began writing songs.

His teenage years were molded by the tiny two-bedroom apartment that he shared with his mother. After getting sober, she turned their home into a halfway house, helping others in recovery. The tragic nature of addiction and sobriety was inescapable. Jason started using music as a daily coping mechanism, writing about the people he grew to love but lost.

Five years spent fronting New-York-based rock band Waking Up East gave Jason the chance to tour the country and open for some of his childhood heroes. After two records and multiple stints on the road, he decided to take a break from music altogether. In 2016, after a four-year hiatus, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and newborn son.

Nashville has become a home for Jason, quickly reigniting his love for songwriting and performing. His distinct lyrical style and soaring vocals have been compared to Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, and Bruce Springsteen. Northern Americana at its core, with explosions of unhinged emotion, Jason Erie’s sound paints a grimly beautiful picture of suburbanite America in decay. With songs composed in a marriage of structure and chaos, he mashes Americana storytelling with the punk-rock edge he grew up on. What results is his truly unique style.

In October 2018, Jason Erie released his debut record, “The Art of Letting Go”.

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