Jason Erie


Verse 1:

Call me a liar cause I fumble the truth

My tongue it shakes like my hands when I’m around you

Well who needs a fire when the whiskey it burns

Found this song in a bottle and drank down these words


Verse 2:

Well she loves the night and the smell of cocaine

Well the needle adores you now mainline lipstick and shame

Who needs a fire when were already burned

Im that lump in your stomach you’re the spot on my lung



Well Honey they covered up those tracks

When you closed your eyes for good

A life cut shorts by pleasures pain

You left me a mess…

You always said that you would


Verse 3:

Call me a coward, cause I can’t find the tears

You look more alive in that cheap pine box

Then you have in years

They say that it’s over and death the was cure

Oh I love you honey now I pissed at the lord

Oh the needle adores you…

Was it worth dying for…