Jason Erie

The Art of Letting Go

Verse 1:

Have you read the latest headline words painted black and white

The factories all stop on their production line

And this country’s hearts been broken since they all quit making sense

No need for cracked and calloused hands


Verse 2:

I heard the folks just up and left after the carnival skipped town

Vacant concreate parking lots turned chained off canvases

Where oil stains the ground

And we’re all looking for something that we’d all kill to get back

Before these calloused hands had cracked



And oh what becomes of the clown when the big top comes down

And no, no more reasons to dawn his painted smile no more

No more..


Verse 3:

I hear the eco of a bullet they look like fireflies

And all are first bon sons are shipping off to die

We’ll get a flag for our fallen a trumpet serenade



Oooh sewer smells and rooftops bring memories of home

The tvs set in its new ways far to good for monochrome

Fortune tellers and profits end up in boxes all the same

It’s the art of letting go… let go…


Chorus 2:

Oh theres so much more to see doused in gasoline

And no, no more reasons to hold, these lit matches no more

no more…